Between space and time

The events space of Tenoha Milano is hosting the exhibition of Lorenzo Petrantoni’s works “The time shifter”: a collection of two hundred illustrations that have graced magazine covers, advertising and installations

From 12 to 30 November it is possible to visit The time shifter. The events space of Tenoha Milano welcomes the exhibition of Lorenzo Petrantoni, which will be officially inaugurated on Thursday 15 November. It consists of a collection of two hundred illustrations that the artist from Ligura has created for the covers of international magazines, advertising for prestigious brands and monumental installations.

The works gathered together in the exhibition are a portrait of the style that has always distinguished Lorenzo Petrantoni. His work method is out of the ordinary and out of the box, starting from research and continuing with the recovery and reuse of images, that he recomposes like tesserae of a mosaic. This brings to life images full of impact, themselves able to generate new meanings.

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Visitors can lose themselves along a route that is non-linear and without chronology, where a whirlwind of two hundred illustrations are suspended in space and time. A monumental environmental installation that invades the more than 1000 square metres of the space inaugurated last April within a former industrial building of the 1930s, completely restored and designed to bring the best of Contemporary Japan to Milan

Those behind Tenoah Milano present the exhibition this way:  “The time shifter proposes a dialogue between the value of the sign and graphics that are typical of the Japanese tradition and of the work of Petrantoni. Being centred on graphics understood as a way to represent the written word, the works of Lorenzo Petrantoni are a perfect ‘Western’ counterpart to Shodo: the Japanese art of calligraphy. In Petrantoni’s collages it is in fact possible to once again find that elegance of writing and sign that is typical of calligraphy, especially in the Japanese practice of it, where it is considered nothing less than an artistic expression”.

 /><figcaption class=The time shifter, Lorenzo Petrantoni

Thursday 15 November from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
On exhibition
12-30 November 2018
Daily from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Tenoha Milano
Via Vigevano 18, 20144 Milan