LaCividina believes in Made in Italy

LaCividina was the first upholstered furniture company to obtain the certification of origin. CEO Christian Tomadini described the process that led to the acquisition of the certification

We have found an answer to the question, “how can the words ‘Made in Italy’ assume an objective meaning?” Namely, through certification born from the collaboration of Cosmob and Catas. The two most important Italian laboratories for analysis, testing and certification are able to implement practical and bureaucratic controls on the product, therefore attesting to their quality and resistance.

LaCividina is the first company of upholstered furniture in Italy to obtain the Certification of Italian origin of the furniture. Christian Tomadini, the CEO of the company located in Martignacco (UD) explained the process that leads to the issuing of the certification: “The mark of “Made in Italy” is enhanced thanks to the certification born from the collaboration between Cosmob and Catas. – Tomadini continues – The certification is issued following the identification of the products and production processes related to them, also verifying in the laboratory that they meet the requirements of the technical reference standards, in addition to the verification of their ‘Italian origin’ (in the case of upholstered furniture designed by LaCividina within a radius of 50km) of the materials and semi-finished products as provided by the standard UNI 11674”.

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The brand is renowned worldwide for its collection of sofas and armchairs and consequently, a large part of the turnover comes from abroad: “I am not yet able to determine how important the Made in Italy mark is in foreign markets, since the first company to reach that milestone was Fantoni Group, and only this past July”. The CEO is however convinced of the value of the certified “Italian origin”: “Our future will surely involve production linked to the territory and we want the skill of our craftsmen to be regarded as an added competence and something that therefore can be handed down”.

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An important goal, therefore, that LaCividina does not want to let go unnoticed: “We plan on launching marketing activities on social networks”. And not only: “Designers who have collaborated the longest with our company and are proud of this certification, both Italians and foreigners such as, for example, Sebastian Herkner, will be our voice in the course of various interventions”.

LaCividina was the protagonist of the edition of Orgatec that has just ended, presenting Soave, a system of armchairs and sofas proposed in a variety of dimensions, designed by Sebastian Herkner. Also present is Waves, the new collection of chairs designed by Constance Guisset, and the sofa and armchair Pinch, designed by Skrivo Design, which takes its name from its original structure made of tubular metal that, literally, pinches the backrest and the side elements.

 /><figcaption class=LaCividina, sistema di poltrone e divani Soave, by Sebastian Herkner