Africa and the unstoppable energy of the Far East

This Fall/Winter issue of the Contract & Hospitality Book completes the picture of 2019 trend colors identified by ColorWorks® and the respective Stories. In the Spring/Summer edition, the trend towards a “digital break” and the focus on the centrality of the human being in relation to technology were strong. The last two Color Stories presented in the current issue follow this trend – it’s no coincidence that the first one is called Do Not Disturb – and they go even further turning their attention to Africa for the first time: the Afrillennials, the Silicon Savannah and Nollywood are concepts that will increase their importance in other continents as well. La Sape, the nuance identified by ColorWorks® experts for this new scene, can be admired on the inside back cover of this book.

This edition, as the previous ones, is a journey through exclusive projects, often enhanced by the appeal of the most outstanding design and luxury brands; the Wonders capture images from all over the world, unique icons of architecture and interiors that need no words.

The great novelty of 2018 is the launch of the Regional Book China, the first edition of the IFDM Contract & Hospitality Book in Chinese, dedicated and intended for readers from the six main Chinese districts, those where real estate and design activities concentrate nowadays, where furniture flagship stores continue to open (and strive). The figures presented by economists and researchers speak of immense potential and an increasingly strong attraction parallelly exerted by Made in Italy – and quality in general – in China both in the private and hospitality sectors. Readers can also find a preview of the contents related to the Chinese world in the pages of this edition.

The success of the Contract & Hospitality Book project and the numerous requests from China convinced us to undertake a new venture. Indeed a branch of our publishing company has been recently opened in Beijing, and the Editor-in-Chief is a professional figure renowned in the environments frequented by Chinese high spenders. The team is also enriched by local contributors that constantly scour the large Chinese market to guarantee the publication of two Regional Book China editions per year, one in March and one in September, in parallel with the leading International version.

Enjoy the read and, above all, NiHao China!