Penta Light goes to USA

Penta Light USA is born. With a new branch in New York and a new entry in the corporate management team, the brand is consolidating its relationship with the American market

A local branch, a detailed and targeted investment strategy, a network of human resources aimed at the specificities of the market. Penta Light is bringing all of these to America, along with a high-level product that has enjoyed the same rapid development that has marked the company itself.
Penta Light chose the New York metropolis to open its branch Penta Light USA, the vanguard for the penetration of the market by the entire Penta Group – which currently incorporates three complementary enterprises to provide lighting in all its forms: decorative with Penta Light, technical with Penta Architectural Light and personalised with P Custom Light.

To support the project, the company welcomes a new Sales Director with a specific focus on the American market, Marco Cavalieri, who will work alongside Marco Borroni, Sales Director for the Europe and Middle East areas, who has been with Penta since the start of the project.

From left, Marco Borroni and Marco Cavalieri, Sales Managers of Penta Light

“The opening of the American company is just the first, necessary and fundamental step to get things going but the major investments will concern the commercial activities, marketing and those regarding operations,” explained Cavalier, “with a warehouse and stock on-the-spot, a network of area managers for the different channels, strategic points of distribution and organised ramifications of the business itself.”

And if there are many steps ahead along a clearly defined path, just as many have been completed to reach this goal, as Andrea Citterio, CEO of the Penta Group since 2015, explained: “In recent months we have completed the certification process for the most significant collections. Now we are ready to tackle the American market with professionalism and dedication with the aim of quickly acquiring a significant market share.”