Orgatec: the culture of work, at work

Orgatec 2018 presents itself with an equally ambitious and fundamental objective: to spread innovation to enterprises and provide tangible solutions to the requirements of a constantly evolving sector

The five big I’s of innovative thought – Inspiration, Intuition, Imagination,
Improvisation and Interaction – become keywords for an international trade fair which aims to spread the culture of innovation among businesses. It has selected the motto “New Visions of work” to present new solutions for a world, or rather, “worlds” in rapid transformation, from the 23rd to 27th October, through the following themed areas: Space, Contract, Mobile and Office.

Specifically, the project PLANT 10.1, created by ORGATEC together with detecon, a consultancy company, and Orange Council, a creative agency, in close collaboration with the group of artists FREETERs & Friends, will offer visitors emotional and provocative opportunities for experiencing new and creative approaches for the office, conceived as a space for work and for life, all in pavilion 10.1. With themes such as Coworking, LivingRoom, MiniHome, Playgrounds, Hochsitz, BühneFrei, DenkRaum, instead of focusing exclusively on a functional and rational level of spaces, the project will place emphasis on the emotional and intuitive level, all too often neglected. For example, the integration of cultural aspects within the world of work is important for the emotional bond of employees and bolsters identification with the company.

The culture of work, at work, is a fundamental component of the Orgatec programme, effectively conveyed on occasion of the international press conference. It’s more than ‘just’ offering a near-total vision of the world market of furnishings, lighting, acoustic and IT systems in offices and retail spaces, presented by companies from 37 countries, or the configuration of space between group and individual activities. It is about highlighting trends and developments, with initiatives and special events, connected to precise requirements and the latest concepts of the “culture of work”, such as digitalisation, globalisation, work place attractiveness, involvement and cooperation.

In addition to eight pavilions which are already sold out (5.2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.1, 10.2 and 11.2), the Trendforum and exhibitions on innovative materials, Orgatec 2018 has also announced the strategically scheduled architectureworld and Deutscher Hoteltag – both dedicated to promoting the role of integrated interior and outdoor architectonic projects in the contract and hotelier world – to bolster exchange between the real estate sector and architects.