Next Generation Design Pavilion

Among the many initiatives on the occasion of Clerkenwell Design Week, there are those that invite the public to take a break and reflect. For the third consecutive year, Scale Rule takes part to the event. This year the team of creative minds presents the installation Next Generation Design Pavilion: a kaleidoscopic “eye” to the St James Churchyard, made in collaboration with London-based students, a strategic point from which is possible to look towards the sky and nature, and think about the importance of the environment.

Scale Rule is a collective of architects and designers driven by the desire to encourage students from different backgrounds to embark on a career in architecture or engineering and to imagine a new and more sustainable world. This year the group worked side by side with teenagers aged between 13 and 16 with the aim to introduce them to the world of design. The pavilion is the winning idea of a program that started at the beginning of the year, which involved the youngsters in conferences and workshops to develop an understanding of the different roles in architecture and inspire their creativity. Two days of lectures, meetings and practice, during which aspiring designers produced sketches, plans, sections and a 3D model created in team.

The Next Generation Design Pavilion project consists of layers of colored rope that together form a geometric design. Visitors are invited to look through the kaleidoscopic filter, an observation point oriented to the sky, a symbol of the optimism of future generations. After Clerkenwell Design Week, the pavilion will remain in the St James Churchyard for three months before being reassembled in a different public space in London.