Eurolampart: tradition meets innovation

The history of the company – which marked its 40th birthday in 2015 – is built around the values of creativity, quality and family and sets the benchmark for Italian manufacturing success

Eurolampart’s success stems from its ability to maintain a sense of balance, with the owners never biting off more than they can chew. They make decisions based on what they see – not because they don’t plan, but because they are determined to not to lose trust in their intuition. In short, they have that creative flair that is so envied all around the world.

Eurolampart was launched in Tuscany by Mario Scelfo, a real maestro capable of producing lighting that encapsulates his philosophy of quality materials, flowing design and unique end products.

The company is the natural evolution of the classic Tuscan workshops where locals learned to forge metal and prepare it to be combined with other materials. In Eurolampart’s case, that means precious Murano glass, Swarovski crystals, porcelain, leather and even sophisticated jewellery. The brand’s increasing success in the residential market, which recognises the quality of Eurolampart’s products, has pushed the company to look towards the contract centre. Indeed, an illuminated sculpture by Eurolampart would certainly take a hotel lobby or restaurant to the next level.

Mario Scelfo’s ceaseless commitment to creating and inventing new products means Eurolampart are constantly updating their collections, with Scelfo’s daughter Laura – a worthy heir – having now joined the company as partner.

The many products encompass a range of different styles, from the classic to the contemporary. The Belt collection is all about stunning shaping, drawing its inspiration from the Belle Epoque, while the Rochelle chandeliers (which were unveiled at Euroluce 2017) strike the perfect balance between sleekness and exquisite aesthetics. Finally, Felci e Malindi evoke images of the natural world while emitting a sense of sophistication and harmonious design.


Carousel by Eurolampart
Julienne by Eurolampart