New decorative routes for Porro

Porro distinguishes itself in virtue of its desire to experiment and test itself. This ethos has also inspired the idea to place soft fabric parts inside Storage wardrobes and bookcases. This idea is the key ingredient for 2017 material research and has been brought to life in original designs by Serena Confalonieri. Experimentation on fabric had already begun with single colours, within the spectrums of red, blue or écru, and has since embraced new decorative paths.

It has drawn inspiration from the iconic forms of some catalogue furnishings, such as the side table Balancing Boxes, the chair Gentle, the trolley Cubovo, the Ellipse Table, the chest of drawers Inlay, or the bookcase System, mixed with vibrant colours and powder nuances. Indeed the designer imagines five fabrics which truly capture the essence of Porro design, offering a two-dimensional reinterpretation and embellishing sartorial interiors by the brand, even bringing to life a collection of original napkins for the table.

Let's start from the entrance, where the customised panelling system Wood Cover has been applied onto the new pale pink fabric. We then come to the dining room, featuring the table Metallico, surrounded by Voyage chairs, completed by the bookcase Load-It, in porphyry grey and covered by light blue fabric.

The first bedroom features the new bed Sadoru by Fratelli Oscar and Gabriele Buratti, along with the wardrobe Storage Battente, with Block doors in crystal, exhibiting backs in the soft ochre and black back. In the second bedroom, Makura, the bed in white fabric, is balanced by the bookcase System, with six hinged transparent doors offering a glimpse of the écru fabric bottoms, whereas the wardrobe Storage Battente leaves its interiors clad in decorated green fabric in full view.

Lastly, in the corridor we have three Storage Battente wardrobes with interiors embellished by the new fabric, this time in grey tonalities.