New Dedar collections pack a big decorative punch

The new wall coverings from Dedar are original and innovative, combining technical skill, the best materials and visual effects to create decorative pieces brimming with identity.

Take the Lacca Contemporary Wallcoverings, which are inspired by and represent a fresh take on the ancient technique of Chinese lacquering: these vinyl compositions are covered with beeswax to obtain a practical covering combining flame-retardant properties with real aesthetic quality, as patterning in relief adds texture and creates a high visual-impact effect. Lacca and Lacca Striée feature the tones and colouration of wood on vinyl, while Lacca Metal draws inspiration from precious metals to create a luminous effect.

Silkbird, Silkbird Gravure and Silkbird Gold feature elements from ancient Oriental culture, such as gold and the distinctive colouration of Chinese lacquering, which – along with porcelain and metal – are the inspiration for the shades used.
Intarsiato features the 3D shaping of the inlaid fabric unveiled in the January collection, while Alaya – which uses the fabric from the collection – showcases graphic elements inspired by African patterning, which is transformed into a metal-effect bas-relief decoration.
There is a more 2D feel to Concorde, meanwhile, though a sense of movement and dynamism underpins the lines on the embossed background.
Last but not least, the new Wide Wool collection features tall models made from the finest 19-micron wool, in addition to a collection of sheers. Includes seven original versions with different structures, weights and types of finishes.