Steps, seating by Raw-Edges, for London

Greenwich Peninsula, the new, fast-growing area near the O2 arena has now been populated with fun and different seats which combine to form a new urban landscape. Steps are cement modules designed by the English studio Raw-Edges. The outdoor début of the creative duo who graduated from the Royal College of Art was conceived for a large city, such as London, designed for use over ten years. 

The modular system redefines they way in which people experience public space, inviting citizens to sit in a variety of positions: seated, reclined, leaning, or just for play. 
The work was commissioned by the Greenwich Peninsular with Now Gallery, with the aim of animating and fully exploiting outdoor areas or areas of transit. The designers have created armchair-stairs offering passers-by a comfortable corner where they can have lunch, rest and meet with friends.

The designers recount: "When walking through nature we can take time out, have a break and sit down on a rock or a log, a fallen tree or simply a patch of grass. In the city we also come across relaxing places which weren't specifically designed for this purpose, such as staircases, pavements or low brick walls. We examined the behaviour of those in search of a perfect spot for relaxation, for example a student on a lunch break or a group of office clerks with their take-away coffees, and we invented this small urban landscape consisting of a series of cement units. Each unit is like a domestic armchair to scale, and if combined with their different heights, these armchairs create an urban pattern which invites people to stroll and take time out to relax".

The video: