Laminam at Tokyo: Takaosanguchi Station

The Takaosanguchi railway station, recently renovated both in the façade and the interior, is an important venue in the journey of pilgrims and tourists visiting Tokyo, as a stage of the itinerary to reach Mount Takao, which thanks to the Yakuo-in Temple and seven thematic trails immersed in nature, is considered a sacred place and a major destination for pilgrimage as well as simple tourism.

Just over an hour from the city center, the station can be reached with the high-speed train coming from Tokyo and every day welcomes a great crowd of tourists. For this reason, it has recently been renewed, under the guidance of Japanese architect Kengo Kuma.

A renovation carried out by an important name of the sector, where natural materials are privileged, to harmonize with the environment and landscape where the station is situated. And if the wood was used to make the large canopy that creates the outer facade, as meeting point between the modernity of the railway and the uncontaminated nature of the mountain, for the interior where selected ceramic slabs by Laminam, pure porcelain stoneware, hygienic by nature and highly resistant to scratches, bumps and abrasions.

Sheets of 1000 x 3000 mm, thickness 3+ and color Moro cover the walls of the basement and the stairs. They make part of the Oxide collection which, through an exclusive stratification technology, reproduces the effect of oxidized metal creating innovative and refined three-dimensional effects.