Sleep, the best inspiration for the Hotelier sector

A biennial appointment enabling us to gauge trends and aspirations in hospitality, especially through the participation of major influencers of the sector.
A rich calendar of events for both days, starting from 21st November, with the conference “Revival of a Myth” during which Tristan Auer, currently one of the most famous interior architects, tackles the theme of the come-back of historic and prestigious buildings. “Emotional Modernism”, the second event, has been scheduled in the afternoon, featuring the New York architect Jeffrey Beers, who will speak about spatial design, drawing inspiration from his own unique and visionary projects.
A meeting with Eero Koivisto has been scheduled for the second day, co-founder of Claesson Koivisto Rune, based in Stockholm. Here we will discover the power of Scandinavian beauty, and to what extent it can influence space. In the afternoon of 22nd, luxury will take centre stage during “New Concepts of luxury”, by the Singapore-based studio WOW architects. The idea is to try and understand how designers are responsible for the creation of a new concept of luxury in hotels, through a kind of participatory design.

These conferences will be supported by a rich schedule of meetings. Fast Food or Slow Food? An array of Food and Beverage appointments will help us answer this question, featuring major tastemakers of the sector. ‘Design Beyond Space…ID’ elaborates on how a hotel’s design transcends physical space, and just how important graphics, signs and fonts are in a hotel. In addition to numerous round tables, with opinion leaders analysing hotelier development perspectives, particular prominence will be given to the question ‘Does Love Lead to Loyalty?’, with an array of concepts and installations beckoning us to reflect on the theme of ‘loyalty’ in the hotelier world, and on how professionals can respond to the expectations of guests.

Unmissable events include the exhibition of the most innovative products, and the Sleeper Bar by Design & Architecture Studio, with Sundukovy Sisters, highlighting the importance of human interaction, and yet again, loyalty between brand and individual.