Finding new ways to communicate and to tell the story of versatile design, involving representative personalities in Italy and the world. This could be the summary of the “Meridiani Roadshow,” but there’s more. The traveling initiative that puts the brand’s dealers on the front lines sets out not only to generate new display projects inside partner showrooms, but also to create a true design culture around the theme of nature.

In keeping with the theme of “Nature is home,” the sophisticated Meridiani lifestyle sets an example on how the materials and colors of nature can easily become sources of inspiration for interior design, and elements of connection between the domestic habitat and the world outside; natural tones and textures thus shape the design, adding that touch of enveloping, comfortable atmosphere that can be produced only by an open-air context, enhancing the functional virtues and qualities of the products themselves.

Starting in September and over the next few months, the special setting “Nature is home” will take form in the leading Meridiani dealerships (first in Italy, and then abroad in a second phase), transforming them into living and dining areas with a different concept, totally focused on the natural theme.
Shades of green are applied to the spaces of the first stage, in the “Forest” setting at Cumini Interiors in Gemona del Friuli – Udine (until 21 November).

Meridiani, Forest @ Cumini Interiors, Gemona del Friuli 2

Meridiani, Forest @ Cumini Interiors, Gemona del Friuli

Meridiani, Foliage @ Arredamenti Onlywood, Torino 2

Meridiani, Foliage @ Arredamenti Onlywood, Torino

Likewise, the autumn red of “Foliage” pervades the display at Arredamenti Onlywood in Turin (until 26 November). Then comes the turn of Spotti in Milan and L’Ambiente at Motta di Livenza (Treviso).
From wood to marble to natural fibers: everything converges in expressive research to bring impressions of nature into the creations of Meridiani, interpreting the company’s elegant, well-balanced style.

The main aim of this traveling project is to offer a more engaging and transcendent experience: starting with the furnishings, which demonstrate their versatile identity, but also extending to the partner showrooms in general, as the locations of the initiative. The roadshow puts the accent on new dynamics in retailing, not only in points-of-sale.
“I would no longer talk about furniture dealers, but instead about interior design consultants – says Andrea Cumini, owner of Cumini Interiors. – This already represents a giant leap in the approach of a company like ours to the market, because we no longer propose single products, but accompany clients through all the project phases. In short: we design shared experiences.”

Andrea Cumini, owner of Cumini Interiors

Teresina by Meridiani, Forest @ Cumini Interiors 

Meridiani, Foliage @ Arredamenti Onlywood, Torino 4

Meridiani, Foliage @ Arredamenti Onlywood, Torino 

Claudio Zimbone, CEO Arredamenti Onlywood

This is also the viewpoint of Claudio Zimbone, CEO of Arredamenti Onlywood: “The secret to success is to become the personal consultant of every client, responding to their needs by creating a sartorial project. Personal habits and needs have evolved in line with social changes that have happened during the months of lockdown. Private customers, having rediscovered the value of harmonious spaces in the home, are paying attention not just to design, but also to the origins of the items they purchase, opting for sustainable materials with low environmental impact.” Therefore, now more than ever, Nature is Home.