A new light at East

Stefano Bordone, CEO of the company, speaks of “a reciprocal maturity text: we assess our readiness for the Russian market and we will check it interest for Kundalini.”

This is the reason of the brand’s launching at iSaloni WorldWide Moscow, where only two days after the opening of the event, positive results have already been perceived. Thanks to a balanced mix of courage, organization and marketing.
In an apparently used to contemporary style Russia (with an occasional predilection for classic style), are showcased products of sophisticated design that meet the needs of new generations of Russian buyers, now able to understand and appreciate blending and integration between different styles.

Kundalini collections do not offer exaggerated products, instead it crafts decorative lamps that are appreciated all over the world by individuals as well as by professional from the world of contract, where the company already has a significant background.
Kundalini, according to his CEO, is a “light publisher” (it could be just a coincidence, but Stefano Bordone has strong connections with the major publishing companies) that focuses on color since its debut (E.T.A., the first lamp presented in 1996, was orange) in a sector that in those years made a lot of effort to explore different color choices from white, black and steel, looking for an identity that released recognizable energy.
The company has brought to Moscow some of its best sellers such as Kushi, the floor lamp designed by Alberto Saggia & Valerio Sommella in 2016, and Dew, an suspension fixture for contract and hospitality.

Kundalini – alongside Kartell and Barell – thus makes a clear statement: the world of furnishing and lighting is still alive in modern Russia, but it calls for new proposals.