Lotte Hotel celebrates one year with Carlo Cracco

First restaurant of Carlo Cracco out of Italy, OVO celebrates its first year of activity. A year that has seen a never-ending succession of exceptional menus, in perfect balance between gastronomic traditions and contemporary taste, masterfully combined with the most delicate local ingredients.

This is the recipe for success, for a restaurant that also earned the title of Best Hotel Restaurant. The OVO is indeed hosted by the equally exclusive Lotte Hotel – a five-star hotel in the heart of the cosmopolitan Moscow – which has also won many international awards, the last one of which is the title of Best Luxury Hotel in Russia from the Russian Hospitality Award.

Culinary counterpart to the Japanese MEGUmi Restaurant, also located in the Lotte Hotel, OVO represents, also in its name, the chef’s philosophy and ingredients purity.

Cracco’s obsession with egg is known in all the world (marinated egg yolk is his most famous recipe).

The Chef entrusted the kitchen to the guide of Emanuele Pollini, former chef at Carlo e Camilla in Segheria in Milan (second restaurant by Cracco in the Italian city) and the mangement of the restaurant to Alessandro Troccoli.

“We are not an inn, a trattoria or an Italian restaurant,” says Cracco, “OVO embraces modern, haute cuisine in Italy. Here we introduce our guests to the modern Italian taste created from the best local ingredients and the latest technologies ».