Hanging out with friends at the Valencia Lounge Hostel

Remember those animated films in which drawings gradually come to life through shapes and colors. The frames switch from black and white to bright colors, producing an optical illusion of movement. Afterwards, it naturally makes everything more fun. The Valencia Lounge Hostel has a dynamic, visual kinetic energy, like the guests who pass through the hostel, who are all eager to stay in an extremely friendly environment.

The Masquespacio designers managed to imbue a completely renovated historic building with the flavor of a city defined by the bright colors created by intense light, wind and sea.
In the 11 bedrooms and communal areas, which include the hotel’s 4 bathrooms and the kitchen, which is available to guests, the extreme graphics happily follow their own trajectory, heedless of the obstacles in their path, which in turn yield to the service of movement and continuity. The interplay between the graphics and the surfaces touches a radiator or the headboard of a bed.

Masquespacio’s insanely creative intervention respected the original character of the building, which is located in the old part of the city, retaining the distinctive features of 20th century Valencian houses, with their characteristic cement tiles and ceilings decorated with plaster mold.
Inside, the strong personality of the décor favors domestic intimacy designed to suit each guest: every room has a different look – for fans of surfing, music or ethnic trends – and is furnished with exclusive pieces specifically designed by the designers and made by local suppliers. One exception is the chairs and armchairs, which were designed by Va de Vintage & Hay, Sancal. “We wanted to recreate the feeling of being at home –  explains Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, creative director of Masquespacio – while simultaneously offering accommodation that makes you dream and allows you to have a new experience while you enjoy your holiday.”
A bicycle rental service, a tourist tour, a pub owned by the hotel, free wi-fi and other benefits are all part of the dream.



Client: Valencia Lounge Hostel
Address: Calle Cadirers, 11 – 46001 Valencia, Spain
Interior Design: Masquespacio
Main suppliers for the interior: Va de Vintage & Hay, Sancal, all tables and pendants are designed by Masquespacio and produced by local suppliers.
Photo Credits: Luis Beltran