Nature Sound by Grandform: a total experience

Much more than a simple bath tub, this multifunctional furnishing element  seamlessly combines state-of-the-art technology with a new, modern and functional design. Transform your bath into a total experience, where not only tension, but the outside world, melt away.

Nature Sound has been developed by Grandform in two versions: Skin Design and Skin Mambo. Step inside and the body is enveloped in pleasure invoking all the senses. An ultra-silent air hydro-massage melts away the day’s tensions and an advanced Bluetooth system plays audio files in high fidelity: the tub’s surface transforms into a veritable speaker and propagates sound throughout the interior, creating a relaxing and personalised ambience. But that’s not all. Nature Sound also provides you with the beneficial effects of total and enveloping chromotherapy, with countless shades and nuances, all at the touch of two minimal and back-lit buttons within easy reach, positioned at the centre of the tub edge.

In the Skin Design version, which can be fitted with a waterfall (optional) and Smart and Smart plus taps and fittings, the bath tub design is enhanced by the pure and essential lines of the new tactile SKIN panels, customisable in five different versions.

In the Skin Mambo version, the tub’s essential design exalts the texture of external surfaces which are proposed in four colour version and a neutral tone, which can be customised to seamlessly integrate with interior finishings.