Metrica triumphs in Chicago

A remarkable success. The presentation of the Boccaporto piece to the American public obtained a warm approval, also seducing oversea juries and media in the occasion of NeoCon Chicago.
Designed for the Turkish company Koleksiyon, Boccaporto is a freestanding seat designed for the contract market conceived by the design research of Metrica, the Italian design studio based in Milan led by Lucio Quinzio Leonelli and Robin Rizzini.
At the ultimate workplace and design fair, the product received the first prize of the Interior Design’s Annual HiP Awards in the “Workplace / Hub” category, award for companies and designers who have distinguished themselves for the innovative approach of the products presented. To be noticed also, the “Grand Award” given to Boccaporto by the Product Innovation Award, a competition organized by the Buildings magazine that each year selects the most innovative and effective products exposed at NeoCon.

Temporary personal place to be located in public and open spaces such as airport lounges and large libraries, Boccaporto is made up by a type of shell that interacts with the surrounding space and at the same time guarantees the privacy of those who are seated. The body is padded, soundproofed, illuminated and equipped to connect various devices.

Metrica’s creation has already proven its originality at Orgatec, where it debuted last year, receiving a special mention from the Innovation Award Architecture+Office, the prize given by the German magazines AIT and Xia Intelligente Architektur.