The tide that pervades Visionnaire

The ability of playing with design, its ironic sensitivity and innovative experimentalism are the values that lead the Visionnaire brand, values embraced by the young artist Francesca Adriana D’Anza and conveyed in Bluedog, in occasion of the exhibition A decade of evolution in design” organised by IFDM in collaboration with the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. The nice Klipper pouf, designed in 2013 by Samuele Mazza for the brand, has been conceptually re-elaborated to  become a work of art.

From animal dimension to marine world. The transfiguration of the product always passes through nature. The soft original surface hosts in its purity the perpetual flow of the sea, with its surges and shades.
Colors, gloss, and volume created in the rework of the piece relate to the depths of the blue planet and its evocative power.
Waves – originated by the use of color on the fur – break on the soft surface, left in some points with its real tone, in order to depict the whiteness of the foam generated by the surge.
The formal immobility of the furnishing, already overcome by the intrinsic playfulness of design, reveals a reinvigorated existential dynamism.