It’s magic!

The world is revealed only by the appearance of light. This is the phenomenon, as captivating as it is sublime, that makes a lighting product unique in the interior design panorama: not simply functional but pure emotion.

This natural, sensory aspect inspired Melogranoblu in creating the new proposals 2017 – presented in the setting of the Euroluce biennale – which take their place in the line of lamps handmade and blown borosilicate glass.

Playing with the relevatory potential of light and metallisation – a special finish that gives glass a sophisticated mirror effect – resulted Soap: a spherical lamp containing a glass sculpture. This is the magic: with the light off, the metallisation bestows only a delicate aesthetic effect on the product; once turned on, however, it becomes transparent revealing the artistic content.

“We wanted to give meaning to the finish and the transparency,” explained Massimo Crema, owner and founder of the brand together with Ermanno Rocchi. “So we inserted glass inside glass with material forms that were revealed only when the transparency allows, that is, only when the light makes the external finish transparent.”

The showmanship that accompanies the history and philosophy of the brand is reaching unexplored heights, boosted by a product that represents the essence of the brand’s creative aesthetic: Hydra System a system made up of three glass objects hanging on a tubular metal mesh that allows potentially infinite compositions, lit externally – from spotlights installed in a false ceiling or ceiling fittings. New glass elements enrich the already large collection but the product’s real novelty is the opportunity to insert lights inside the glass.

Equally innovative for Melogranoblu is the design of the forms that accompany the numerous new developments from Euroluce: an evolution towards nature and soft, organic forms, which aims at visual rather than decorative comfort. With the pendant Opium, which takes the name and shape of the opium flower, or the series of Rapa Nui table lamps, and the Serendipity lamps (in table and pendant versions) that directly copy the forms of one of the new glass articles of the Hydra system, taking centre stage in the heart of the Melogranoblu stand in a spectacular 8 metre long installation.