La Murrina towards the infinite

Without limits of space or time. Francesca Santoro re-elaborates the symbolic project of the Medusa lamp by La Murrina by removing the physical limits to offer it boundless of possibilities. Through the project of the young artist from the Brera Academy, involved in the project of IFDM “A decade of evolution in design” the chandelier’s branches find a natural symbiosis with the natural setting of the Fondazione Stelline where the exhibition has taken place

With an ethereal and impalpable veil, Medusa seems to hover in the air shining on its own. A pure glow comes to life from an original core and spreads in sinuous sprawling beams.
The fragility of the matter matches the soft elegance of floral decorations, which sprout from these branches of energy and light. Thus, the design suspension similarly relives in the aesthetic lightness of the new work of art.
Flowers, through the arms of Medusa, reach the space and experience it in perfect harmony while ambitiously extending towards infinity: a conceptual analogy connected to the soul of the magazine, very near to the idea of dynamism and openness to new horizons just as well.


Text © IFDM
Photo Credit: Andrea Sartori