A burst of blue for Giorgio Collection

In the imaginative interpretation of the young artist Petra Cecilia Borgomaneri from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, the Saint Tropez seat by Giorgio Collection loses its traditional connotation to approach the fantasy world, acquiring new meanings. A flow of blue shades stems from the original product engendering in the context of the exhibition “A decade of evolution in design” –by IFDM at the Fondazione Stelline – an unexpected work of art.

An explosion of colour and astonishment, a cloud adorned with beauty and mystery envelopes the work, made up of two specular elements that, in their unity, reinforce the emotional and scenographic charge of the installation, amplifying it exponentially.
A simple, delicate material, soft and malleable, yet a coloured tulle veil becomes an instrument of transformation and passage to another dimension, unreal and fantastical. The original product has lost its geometric linearity, its common utility, its static, inert appearance.
It is the metamorphosis of design.
From a furniture design aimed at meeting a specific function, it is sublimated through art into a supernatural element, with a changing shape, almost dreamlike and therefore intangible. It appears like a frivolous flame that holds within it the memory of the previous soul and leads to the search for a new destiny.


Text © IFDM
Photo Credit: Andrea Sartori