A clean geometric dimension with HI-MACS

For the restyling the HypoVereinsbank in Munich, located in the HVB Tower, the Munich-based HENN architects have designed a polygonal structure that acts as a parapet and access to the three floors of the building. To make the visual impact cleaner and more impressive, an architect’s demand was the absolute absence of visible welds. The solution was made possible thanks to the use of the HI-MACS® solid surface which allowed the junction marks to be eliminated, giving the impression that the structure was made in one jet.

To achieve this, the constructors of 5D Engineering and Arnold AG have developed a two-part substructure that absorbs the movement of the cladding: the primary substructure transfers all loads to the building, while a secondary one, flexibly fixed to the primary substructure, follows the HI-MACS® surface on the inside.

This allows for slight movements caused by thermal expansion of the solid surface material to be absorbed. Any necessary cladding joints were placed in optical corners, making them nearly invisible.