Tacchini’s sober and sophisticated design

Renowned Italian brand Tacchini will present itself at one of the eight exhibition venues at London’s Clerkenwell Design Week 2017, where products by the leading international furniture, design, lighting, fabrics and surfaces brands will be presented. Tacchini, which is a benchmark in the furniture sector thanks to its constant stylistic and functional research, will exhibit some of its most prestigious collections during London Design Week: Ischia (designed by Pearson Lloyd), Roma (designed by Jonas Wagell), Nebula Interiors (designed by Pearson Lloyd with designs by Lucia Pescador) and Soap (designed by Gordon Guillaumier). One of the brand’s most versatile products is Ischia, a modular seating system that consists of elements that can be freely combined, with single or double seats, with or without backrests, and can be accompanied with coffee tables or Vienna straw screens. The essential elements, which are characterized by their soft shapes and oblique lines, are combined with the important finishes of the wood or marble bases, which connect the elements together. The Roma series (Jonas Wagell) is made of independent sofas and love seats with a large, enveloping seating area that appears suspended above the floor due to its slender legs.