Moroso is starring in NY with three exhibition spaces

As part of the NYCxDesign circuit, Moroso will be present in three locations: at the fair, ICFF, alongside the Soho Design District – SDD, which will exhibit a series of products from various showrooms in the area; at the WantedDesign exhibition event, at a stand shared with Golran from 20-23 May; finally, in the Moroso USA Showroom, at 146 Greene Street, with an inaugural event on 20 May, from 18.00-21.00. During the event, the space will be reorganised to accommodate new products, most notably those by three New York designers: Eugene and Anne Timerman, David Weeks and Marc Thorpe. The Hannah-Kit collection designed by Timerman is the result of “a long-standing passion for folds,” explain the designers. “Each table features a support with a three-dimensional profile obtained from a single sheet of metal. Three supports are connected to the centre to form a table.” The top is made of printed glass and the wood is a variant of the collection designed by Ettore Sottsass in the ’80s for Alpi. “The stools are made in a similar way, from a single piece of fabric, without any kind of cut.” The Set Table project by Marc Thorpe is a complement that can also be placed outside. The coffee table’s multiple tops allow for different types of storage, while the arch that unites the tops also serves as a handle. The design of Amaca by David Weeks, which was created in collaboration with Senegalese craftsmen from Dakar involved in the “M’Afrique” project, has a very different concept. Its spiral shape is the result of work carried out using traditional materials, local weaving techniques and Moroso’s experimental nature influence. The weft and warp of the material creates a moiré effect in different color combinations. Amaca is available with a diameter of 150 or 175 cm.