The harmonious elements of Cleaf’s new concept

“The Ccube space offers us the possibility to create narratives that translate into a coordinated system for the interior world, in which a designer, using our surfaces, can work on the design of furniture and spaces,” comments Alessandro Carrara, general manager of Cleaf, with regard to the new exhibition concept of the company’s showroom, “The four elements”, designed by Studiopepe to accompany visitors in a multisensory environment in which each of the four elements characterizes a collection of finishes and decorations that harmoniously coexist.

The exhibition is spread over a 700 sq m space on four levels, starting with a site-specific installation in the central area, in which a forest of veneered panels of different shapes and sizes welcomes visitors and allows them to discover the four elements thanks to a sound installation that recalls the sounds near the access stairs in the four main rooms. In these rooms, the arrangement of a sort of pigeonhole on the wall grills with veneered panels, combined according to the dominant colors of the four elements, creates abstract compositions that follow the pattern of the grid.
In the two basement floors, the reconstruction of four rooms through the use of the same surfaces used in the abstract wall compositions suggests certain types and areas of use.
The space is completed by a lounge and consultation area in the entrance wings and a meeting area on the top floor.


Photo Credits: © Valentina Sommariva 2017