Yang Design reveals the new trends in China

The China Design Trends Gallery is opening in the West Hall of the Shanghai Exhibition Centre, an exhibition that illustrates the results of the research carried out by the Yang Design consultancy firm into the macro-trends that will characterize the Chinese market in 2017-2018.

The company – started in 2005 by Xiaojing Huang – annually analyzes consumer behaviour and social movements, assisted by contributions from industry experts, in order to produce a guide to local trends and to the style of future life.

Having identified four main themes, Yang Design associates them with the corresponding CMF, namely Colors, Materials and Finishes, which can adapt to different areas of design in the Chinese market. «We firmly believe that the elements of CMF, incorporated in product design, have the power to satisfy the emotional needs of consumers, attracting more potential users by facilitating the success of the market».

So here are the four new trends premiered at Design Shanghai: I Dimension, related to the ’90s generation, which has become the dominant group of consumers, who grew up in the virtual world and favour an avant-garde style; Sense Beyond, referring to the growing desire for safety and security, in the face of ongoing political and climatic changes; Fine Distance, representing new rituals required after the wave of materiality and information that involved the company; finally, Playful Craftsmanship, a trend that highlights the desire for craftsmanship and high-quality manual workmanship, the last hope for the Chinese market.