Home entertainment: Vismara Design sets a trend

What better occasion than Design Shanghai to officially present to the Asian and international public the new products in the Vip Entertainment collection? Elegant domestic entertainment solutions by Vismara Design, designed especially for setting up a private games room, which allow you to enjoy your free time in the intimacy of your home.

The stand, which was created in collaboration with the Art Design Group, features, among other products, the standout product in the new collection, a Mahjong table that combines ancient Eastern influences with a fresh, contemporary style: a table in which the ancient strategy game, played by the majority of Chinese people, is modernized and facilitated by a concealed complex automatic mechanism that allows players to exclusively focus on the game without having to worry about rearranging the tiles. It is also highly aesthetic, demonstrating great attention to detail with polished gold-plated golden steel profiles and an ivory and matt taupe finish.

The brand’s chess table also features a contemporary style and appealing design, which is highly versatile thanks to a motorized lifting mechanism and is equipped with chess, checkers and backgammon pieces, all exclusively designed by Vismara. There are also other games tables, accompanied by various padded chairs, such as the Comfort chair and the High Chair. They are not simple luxury products, but cutting-edge solutions that embrace a new entertainment concept.