Debut for the Design Shanghai @ Xintiandi Design Festival

After the encouraging results achieved last year, Design Shanghai and famous landmark Shanghai Xintiandi come back together signing a partnership that will see the two realities work together for the next three years. Focal point of the collaboration is the launch of Design Shanghai @ Shanghai Xintiandi Design Festival. The event, which will take place on March 6th to 19th in the Xintiandi district, aims to bring the local and international design from the Halls of the Shanghai Exhibiton Center up in the heart of the city.

“Throughout the years Shanghai Xintiandi has given unrelenting support to the affirmation of the culture of art and design in Shanghai – explains Andy Zhang, General Manager of Taipingqiao Project, China Xintiandi – Indeed, we have worked to create an atmosphere that is highly interactive, participatory and creative for the public through countless design and art exhibitions. We hope that the three-year strategic partnership with Design Shanghai will provide diverse inspirations to citizens and design enthusiasts and contribute to promoting the development of original design in China”.

The Festival, whose theme is In Future, will populate the North and South block of Shanghai Xintiandi, the Xintiandi Style Shopping Centre, The House and the Lakeville Gallery for 14 days, showcasing a selection of 18 interactive installations and spaces by international and Chinese designers and artists, and offering both the local community and visitors the opportunity to experience and rethink design, art, creativity and culture in a new light.

“Renowned international and Chinese designers and artists will gather in Shanghai Xintiandi to breathe life into the Festival with the aim to build a “Design City“. The want to provide  an interactive experience and giving visitors a sense of how design can break new ground”.