The timeless charm of Ritz Paris for an interior collection

The grandeur of the Parisian luxury hotel transposed into an interior collection that sketches out the unique and sophisticated lifestyle that has made, and continues to make, the Ritz Paris an epicentre of elegance – recently reopened after a restyling project signed by Thierry Despont and Atelier Cos.

The design concept of Ritz Paris Home Collection sprang from a meeting between Ritz Paris and the visionary intuition of Alberto Vignatelli, CEO and Chairman of Luxury Living Group: «Ritz Paris is much more than a hotel, it’s an atmosphere, an art de vivre that allows itself the luxury of a timeless elegance, creativity, and eclecticism. Since the beginning it has been an icon of modernity and it has never followed the trends. It is this alchemy that makes it a unique, legendary place. Today, Luxury Living Group keeps this vision alive, bringing back its splendour in a contemporary dimension. César Ritz “I am proud to see my name blended with this small house”. We are, too».

A space of over 400 m² is the stage for the Collection that describes four environments, independently from their aesthetic characteristics but at the same time linked to clear style choices: the Classic dining room, the Coromandel living room, the Chambre Bleue, and the Art Déco room.

The common thread of the Collection is the upholstery and precious fabrics. The palette is rich and ranges from pastel and neutral tones to the brighter colours like Ritz Blue and ochre. Golden and bronze shades, delicate contrasts, like the 24 carat gold leaf and the greige lacquer, precious workings and refined details define the elegance that characterises the Ritz Paris HomeCollection.