The global dimension by Antolini

Challenges have never been a trouble for Antolini: the sophisticated match of natural stones, shapes and colors is the absolute protagonist of the great exhibition firstly showcased in Cologne and nowadays proposed in Paris.

Antolini got us used to quite strong proposals specifically designed for international fairs – Haute Nature by Alessandro La Spada at ICFF in New York, to name but one –  and so now, on the occasion of the first great appointments of 2017, the brand seduces its audience with proposals both aggressive and smooth at the same time.
The merge of three spaces (kitchen, bathroom and working area) creates a strong pathos whilst at first sight the emotional energy steals the scene to the technical details.
The expressiveness of the natural stone is emphasized by a harmonious set-up, direct and impactful in its seemingly simple linearity.
The countless identities of Antolini’s natural stone  and its matching environment wisely recounts the infinite potential of this noble material.
The gorgeous hanging lamps by Clan Milano, whose light lively bounces on each surface of the booth, also contribute to increase the success of Antolini’s exhibition, giving the whole ambience a sense a sober stylish touch.
The artistic match Antolini – La Spada yelds a contemporary but epic environment , showing how adaptable and innovative can be such  a magnificent material made by nature.