MDF Italia launches Sign Filo

Ten years ago Sign chair was born from the creativity of Piergiorgio Cazzaniga and it soon became an icon of MDF Italia. After a decade, the company celebrates its success with an unprecedented reinterpretation where the original design has been intensified by the use of thin metal wires to outline the whole volume.
Apparently the piece recalls a small jewel of design, also due to special finishes in yellow gold, pink gold and black; at the same time the manufacturing evokes the ancient technique of filigree jewelery, obtained by weaving and welding together thin wires of precious metals: here’s how forty meters of wire with four diameters shape the silhouette of Sign Filo. The product components – 16 abutments and 12 beams  – are assembled manually with over 226 weld joints.
Ethereal in its sculptural form, with an elegant look, Sign Filo perfectly integrates itself into MDF Italia production by breaking traditional rules but still adding its purity and sense of innovation we got used to over the years.
Along with Sign Filo, Sign Matt is worthy of mention too, thanks to the classic polished finish that turns into an opaque one-material element of great effect.