Earth according to Riva 1920

Resin, Kauri wood and iron. Only three materials to give life to a product that is actually a metaphorical representation of the whole globe. Earth is the novelty – among many others – showcased by Riva1920 at Imm Cologne.
Small wood continents immersed in a resin ocean, originate a fascinating interplay of lights and shadows staged between materiality and transparency of the elements.
A coffee table (D160cmxH75cm) made for everyday use both recalls the natural thousand-year old history of Kauri wood and a more recent past: its sinuous base in dark iron designed by Renzo Piano, resumes the original project of the Antico table, characterized by the same tubular section with visible weld joints that symbolize the tangle of scrap iron originated from the rubble of the Twin Towers collapse.

The Antico table was ideated for “Ground Zero…Ground Heroes” initiative promoted by Riva1920, one of the five Kauri tables sold at auction whose proceeds were devoted to the families of the firemen who lost their lives in the rescue operations on September 11th.