The ‘boxed’ office

When it comes to designing work spaces, which need to feature a varied layout combining open-plan and closed-plan and to ensure privacy and concentration for both individual and group-based activities, the middle ground is increasingly the creation of cozy mini offices with excellent noise protection.

Designed with free-standing structures using modular systems that provide the flexibility that characterizes the current spatial approach, these box-in-box creations allow you to vary the type of work station, to easily transform the overall layout if necessary and, above all, to offer peace and comfort in a collective context: for individual concentration, for the duration of a phone call or a meeting and for the noisiest teamwork. They represent a more flexible version of the traditional closed-plan office, which is still necessary at different times during the working day, and a solution to constantly evolving working habits and rhythms.

There are numerous office boxes that aim to ensure excellent acoustics and significant noise reduction, which remains a major source of distraction and disturbance in open-plan offices. Among the different models is Fantoni‘s Acoustic Room, an acoustically isolated oasis that is nonetheless visually connected to the surrounding space thanks to its glass walls; a customizable module, open or closed, in two different sizes (w254x l254xh254 cm or w254xl134xh254 cm), consisting of 4akustik panels with high soundproof absorption and, on request, a melamine floor.

The CAS Rooms, developed by Carpet Concept, Lindner Group and GiB – Gesellschaft für innovative Bautechnologie, are instead defined as ‘textile rooms’: 27 different combinable modules with an open or closed structure made from aluminum that can be easily assembled and disassembled, surfaces in three types of fabric – Crep, Dubl, Lain -, in 63 colors that can be combined in a single module and can match the colors of the surrounding environment.