The Boutique Hotels are located in New York

The pragmatic approach takes precedence in the bright K Javits Center, faithful to the American spirit, presenting every aspect of the industry without too many flamboyant frills or mere advertising. There is a wide-range of contents, merchandise, commercial relations projects, updates and analysis covering an industry in continuous evolution. 
The aim is to support strong competition and, at the same time, succeed in forecasting and satisfying the tastes and wishes of an increasingly demanding and influential clientele, used to describing their experiences on social media and writing reviews that make or break the reputation of a hotel.

From the objects and accessories of HX Hotel Experience, the sister event staged on the same days (November 13 and 14, 2016), to the materials, fabrics, covers, interior and exterior furnishings and the services provided to the BDNY’s exhibitors, it is clear that the approach is aimed at the personalisation and differentiation of the sites of hospitality and services for guests, the great focus of attention of BDNY, which seeks to offer not just a visit, but a real ‘experience’, also made possible by the increasingly specialised design work of studios and designers in the industry. 

The concept of the boutique hotel, a description that has come increasingly to the fore in the last ten years in the wake of the ‘Hotel de charme’ or designer hotel, enables architectural and interior design professionals to experiment with creativity in the search for a well-defined identity (aesthetic and cultural), created with great attention to the quality of what is offered to guests.
High standards and personalisation made possible by the abilities of many specialist groups in the hotel contract sector, such as Rh Contract, DWRC Contract, Interface Hospitality, Rockwell Group, Innovative Carpets, Bernhardt Hospitality and iWorks, in customising the various supplies based on the clients' requests and creativity.