Infiniti’s Formula for the contract sector

There are various ways to approach the contract sector and Infiniti Design has found its Formula, presenting an exclusive and innovative modular system at Cologne, which consists of a very small number of constituent parts and can be adapted to a diverse range of operating situations.

To create different solutions for the countless working worlds, you just need to combine a simple set of sound-absorbing panels, soft-seating elements, tables and accessories featuring the utmost flexibility and customization.
The panels, which are available in two sizes plus a third type for desks, are easy to mount and can be customized with accessories. You can also add a soft-seating element, which consists of a plywood frame, padded, covered with fabric and also available in a uniform, single color finish or a two-tone quilted finish, and a table with four wooden legs and a painted steel top.
Infiniti’s new range for contract also includes stylish, functional chairs that create perfect combinations for every furnishing and space management requirement.
Repetita features countless product variations that meet all corporate requirements, Woodstock is entirely made from oak plywood and comes in five different paint versions, Re-style is available in chair, stool and bench versions, and, like Loop, Cookie has been updated with two new rotating bases with wheels that make it perfect for a home office.