Always secure with Agresti’s Safe Room

Luxury, technology and safety. Three musts encapsulated in Agresti’s latest creation: the Safe Room. A solution designed to guarantee maximum peace of mind at home for you, your family and your valuables – with the addition of a touch of elegance, which never does any harm, and cutting-edge technology to help deal with any situation that may occur in the home.

Weighing less than 400 kg per square metre, the room can be located in any building and customised in terms of both size and materials.
Steel walls, cork and seals guarantee protection and isolation; a biometric reader with recordable prints permits access.
One unique feature is that in the case of coercion all you need to do is open it using a different finger to the one recorded in the memory: the system will send different alarms to relatives and law enforcement without any apparent signal being emitted.
Close attention has also been focused on the details of the interior, above all the choice of materials, which include marble, fine wood and leather.

But the most notable feature is the Panic Room mode that the room can be put in at the touch of button in the case of intrusions.
The room becomes completely independent from the rest of the house and can be occupied for a substantial amount of time, providing all of the finest comforts: climate control system, a supply of food and drinks, Bose stereo system, telephone line and Internet access, electricity supply (also in the event of a blackout).
So no need to panic even in the most unpleasant of situations: the internal closed circuit system monitors movements in the house and records them on a remote disk while special devices control the pepper sprays mounted on the outside of the safe room.