Potocco. Nine stories for a new style

2015 represents a year full of changes and developments for Potocco, notably not only due to the introduction of new product categories, but also due to the decision of reshaping the company’s vision by setting up a brand new corporate image.

The key factor of this conceptual revolution is the merger between the company’s brands Potocco and Accademia, a decision driven by the willingness to create furniture collections that will be perceived as trendsetters in terms of style and design.

A new strategic thinking that – thanks to inventive combinations of products originally coming from the two distinct brands – aims at deconstructing the antithetical vision of their product families: the classical, upscale and formal style of Potocco merges with the minimalism of Accademia, producing some new, fresh and contemporary settings.

This new direction is mirrored in some of the products that will be showcased at the fair: the sofa and the bed “Purple”, the outdoor collection “Surplus” designed by Alessandro Busana, the outdoor lounge Julia – a reinterpretation of a draft coming from the company’s archives of the Sixties –, as well as a versatile Lazy Susan, an Asian design piece conceived in an unusual finish such as the marble “grigio imperiale”.

During 2015 Potocco is conveying its new vision by means of a communication strategy that will touch upon every possible aspect. The logo will implement the trademark “Potocco Italy” with the pay-off “The brand that I love”, which describes perfectly the company’s Holy Grail on both national and international markets. A brand to fall in love with and that allows to tell stories even in the interior design context, which is historically less prone to verbosity.

Through the project Style Stories, curated by  Marco Viola Studio, the brand presents its new philosophy of interior, through nine locations where styles, products and fabrics of various collections are unusually mixed.To describe his new course, Potocco Italy, in collaboration with the 5 Vie, will present a selection of its products at the Concept Store Big Apple in Piazza Mentana, 5 – Milan.