Primary colors for Anglepoise® and Paul Smith

Following fresh and floral hues, after jewel-like tones, the lighting brand Anglepoise® and the fashion designer Paul Smith get back to basics. The Type 75™ Anglepoise® + Paul Smith Edition Three chooses the primary trio red-yellow-blue. The British partners, in collaboration for the third time, aims for simplicity.

The Dutch Mondrian De Stijl inspired the Anglepoise® + Paul Smith Edition Three (2016). The launch of the product coincides with the run up to next year’s neoplastic style – expressed by De Stijl – centennial. The lamp will be available online and in the shops in October, ready for the start of Christmas season.

The palette of the third special edition of Type 75™ plays on contrasts and complementarity, both classic and current colors. The result is a fresh and dynamic look, that provides versatility and flexibility to multiple contexts. It is far from the spring-like shades of Edition One – where the structure is painted by cornflower blue, fuchsia and lime – as well as from the fall atmosphere of Type 75™ Edition Two in deep slate, cool grey and rich tones of blue and orange. The nuances selection is eccentric and strident, in line with the project that the English stylist and brand are conceiving.