Ville Venete and the Outdoor

The brand Ville Venete by Gatti  comes from the experience of master Venetians upholsterers and their wise choice and use of traditional materials such as wood, springs, feather, jute and textiles, processed artfully as was the custom.
The Ville Venete Classic collection prefers precious yarns such as velvets, silks, damasks of the prestigious Venetian textures, while the Lifestyle collection belongs to a contemporary taste preferring natural fibers such as linen and cotton. In 2014, Ville Venete developed the Outdoor collection.  Sofas, armchairs and pouf, tables chairs and accessories are intended for a dynamic audience, attentive to taste and modern trends. This  collection is oriented to the outdoor living with that emotionalism that characterizes the entire Ville Venete collection for a comfortable, practical  and stylish living.