Talenti, the house of the future

Talenti’s take on the future starts from the past, in the new headquarters of the company of the Cameli family, a summary of corporate know-how and the virtue of loving one’s own work

The former production site of the historic Federici pasta factory, the neighboring territory (including the hill), 80,000 sqm of which 20,000 indoors, and an investment of 6 million euros: these are the numbers that convey a sense of the project of the Cameli family for a headquarters designed by the architect Filippo Cagnotto, with a simultaneously inclusive and exclusive spirit. The factory and nature, work and socializing are the main themes of an avant-garde concept that reflects the character of Fabrizio Cameli and his family: ambition and welcome, caution and courage, determination and energy.

The tower represents the freedom granted by the family to the architectural concept: empty, open, luminous. But it is also a beacon visible from a distance, almost an invitation to discover what’s inside and in the surroundings.
Then come the offices, the showroom, the spaces for sports, a children’s area, a lounge, a zone for breeding horses, a hill and cultivated fields. A far cry from an ordinary corporate facility.

Talenti is coming off years of constant, major growth, and in 2020 the company verged on sales of 20 million euros, for expansion of +26%, in spite of the pandemic.
This achievement is connected with programming: while the furniture sector, on the average, was staring out the window and complaining about the uncertain fate of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Fabrizio Cameli was investing in the summer reopening, readying the company for deliveries in May and June, when there was a rebound in the world of hospitality.
Thus narrated, it all sounds like a walk in the park. But instead, it was a matter of investing in production, without having received specific orders as yet. Vision, and a bit of luck, but definitely vision. The company’s growth speaks dozens of languages, at all latitudes: besides the contract and hospitality channels, there are 400 dealers in 47 countries.

The whole Cameli family – Luana, Federica and Edoardo – has united to move in a single direction, the one outlined by their father Fabrizio: sales, marketing, administration and finance all work together, in unison.
The new headquarters represents the sum of this way of working, this way of thinking about an enterprise.
The new Casa Talenti can be seen from afar, and offers a remarkable view into the future.