Abimis sets sail with Suerte

The kitchen created by Abimis for the Suerte mega-yacht features highly-efficient and completely tailor-made fittings with a total steel look. The yacht was built by Tankoa yachts: it is an extremely luxurious, nearly 70m-long vessel, constructed in line with the shipping company’s philosophy, namely the pursuit of perfection, a goal that has been reached thanks to collaboration with the best Made in Italy brands. Notable among these brands is Abimis, a brand created by Primis, a company with thirty years’ experience in professional catering, which supplied the steel kitchen and fully shares Tankoa’s concept of customized construction.

Born from the collaboration between a team of yacht chefs and the Abimis technical department and based on the design by architect Francesco Paszkowski and interior designer Margherita Caspirini, the kitchen created for the Suerte yacht is distinguished by its functionality and the modern style of the Ego model, which features a high level of customization, from the finishes to the different types of compartment and the thickness of the steel doors and tops. Ego is characterized by radial swing doors that recall the shape of the yacht’s elongated portholes, by the patented invisible hinges and by its technical construction, which uses AISI 304 steel for both the fronts and the frames, a biologically neutral material that does not release substances into the food and is resistant to corrosion and temperatures of up to 500° C.

The kitchen is located on the lower deck, dedicated to crew members, and has direct views outside. It was designed according to the chef’s requirements and is therefore centred on the large washing island. The wall furnishings wind around it with bases connected to worktops that integrate the cooking area and an additional washing workstation, while the columns are dedicated to appliances and containment.
It is a kitchen designed as a working tool, which balances style and efficiency, allowing the chef to prepare dishes at sea.