The outstanding technology of Solari in Ducasse’s restaurant

Airport or restaurant? The initial confusion is largely due to the departure board, signed by Solari, but it immediately ends with the view of the culinary masterpieces by Restaurant Champeux. The uniqueness of the new Alain Ducasse’s brasserie in Paris lies not only in its menu, as always amazing in its quality and elegance, but in its unconventional presentation.

The board (8 meters wide and 1,5 meters high) displays menus, wines, specials and chef’s advices. The information changes few times a day depending on the products in the kitchen. The Italian brand technology – ideated in 1966 – fascinates not only in France, but also all over the world. Solari can also be used in private dwells through the Solari lineadesign, that includes some iconic clocks such as Cifra 3 (by Gino Valle in the 1960s) and Dator 60.

The name “Champeux” recalls an 18th-century restaurant in place de la Bourse where people used to indulge and try new dishes, as Emile Zola wrote in L’Argent novel. The quality of the menu doesn’t change, differently from the location of Ducasse’s brasserie: in the heart of the lively first arrondissement, already a place to be in Paris.