LOCZIdesign crosses the color’s boundaries

A night dedicated to introspection and investigation, using diverse forms of art to reconsider what it means to exist and thrive in physical, mental and spiritual spaces. The color is the extraordinary instrument used by the protagonists of the LOCZIdesign Studios in San Francisco, as the event’s name suggests; Living (in) Color: Within Boundaries of Space. Art, music, entertainment follow one the other on Friday, June 3 in one of the most innovative design studios of the Californian city during the San Francisco Design Week.

Paige Loczi – founder and Creative Director of the studio – highlights the intention of the exhibition, realized by LOCZIdesign in partnership with designedCollective: «Technology is changing humanity. As such, we are exploring boundaries – spiritual, technical, communal – and asking vital questions: how do we thrive in this changing world? As reality is shifting, how do we find our centers? Living (in) Color explores how space, place, color and belief intersect in our perceptions and in reality». Loczi was thrilled to host this one-of-a-kind event at her studio with its unique revolving art space and movable walls. As partners in the vital artistic community, the LOCZI team grapples with questions of boundaries each day, to ultimately create loving dynamic environments wherein individuals can truly thrive.

Phil Reyneri and Gabriel Dunne was two honour guests of the night; Reyneri is an artist and technologist who combines sculpture, video projection and generative graphics to blur the lines between digital and physical media. He has developed Lightform, a type of projection-mapping system for art, design and augmented reality. Gabriel Dunne is an audiovisual artist who integrates a wide range of mediums, including sculpture, music, visualization/sonification, digital manufacturing, parametric software and more. Influenced by polarity, contrast and balance, his latest work illuminates and draws connections between the intangible perceptions of the mind and physical reality. Enterprising animators within the multifaceted cornice of the studio has been also Leslie Benson, Charles Aweida, Ryan Stubbs and Frank Brothers.