Starpool helps the brain wellness

A life without stress is a universal aim, but the present conditions make it hard to achive. Starpool helps us giving Nu Rèlax&Zerobody, the exclusive, multi-platform project realized in collaboration with Neocogita and Mida. The first one, company specialized in brain wellness found by Nicola de Pisapia – researcher at Psychology and Brain Sciences Department of Trento University – while Mida offers counseling empowerment services.

Three expert realities shape a unique project, where the contemplative dimension – that attracts the human being from ever – meets the recent, experimental techniques. Riccardo Turri, CEO of Starpool, imagines the psychopysical wellness as basis of the company; wellness that can be reached through a balance between body and mind. Allowing the body to float, the mind releases every thought and responsibility; this is the perfect moment to gain the balance the Italian brand intervenes here through Zerobody.

It is a dry floating small bed, designed by Cristiano Mino following contemporary and aesthetic beauty’s trends, matched with a technological avangt-garde.

The demanding research gave a solution which is able to guarantee the benefits of a bath without getting wet. The slowly body earns the space while the mind is free of boundaries, producing a total wellness.

Above each Zerobody bed, the App Nu Rèlax is a real path in six phases – supporting by deep scientific studies – which brings to the armony of senses. Inspiring to both traditional and modern relaxing techniques (yoga, autogenic training, Jacobson’s progressive relax, biofeedback, mindfulness and floating) the application allows the usage in diverse contexts such as offices, trains, gym.

Riccardo Turri explains that: «It is necessary realizing a connection between the scientific and the business worlds; we need to take the best brain conditions back in order to feeling well».