The keyword is wellness

For the second time Effegibi participates in ICFF with its creations dedicated to wellbeing and body-care. In a contest like the American one, more and more careful about these themes in partucular in hospitality environments, the Effegibi products find an ideal location where they can express themeselves. And ICFF helps the brand in this aim.

Centre-stage will be Mid, the most highly evolved and complete solution yet from Effegibi,  in terms of high performance in the smallest of spaces. It marries the Finnish sauna with the Hammam to create a unique product designed for Effegibi by Talocci Design. The two spaces, featuring different technologies and materials according to their individual functions, are linked by a shower area that grants access to and connects the two environments, the sauna and the Hammam.

Touch&Steam, Aquasteam, Easysteam are the latest innovations from Effegibi, born of Project Hammam, our goal being to transform the home shower space into a personal Turkish bath with professional performance.

Touch&Steam is a panel of toughened glass, a jewel of minimalist design, representing the most state-of-the-art steam-generating technology. The glass is lit up by the touch-screen controls from which to select the various functions: steam release, warm air function, unit pre-heating function and white light or colour-therapy lighting. A curved glass panel with digital controls and a water spring complete with bowl make Aquasteam a product that is intuitive to use. Example of absolute minimalism, Easysteam combines simple installation with high-tech steam generation with touch-screen controls.