Florian’s talent for transformation

Open and functioning, or closed and hung on the wall, the Florian multi-purpose table designed by Vico Magistretti is one of the projects rediscovered in the Acerbis archives

Besides being a folding table, or a complement for the bedroom zone, Florian can be transformed into a true graphic object composed of circles and lines, which can be hung on the wall like a painting. This reissue is part of the process initiated by Acerbis in 2020, rediscovering products from the archives created in the past by the great masters of Italian design.

 width=“These pieces narrate a remarkable history, of intrinsically precious value for those who understand the narrative aspect of design,” say David Lopez Quincoces and Francesco Meda who have worked on the reinterpretation of these items in a modern approach, as in the case of Florian, a symbol of the simplicity and brilliance of Magistretti. This light table, which can also become a bedside unit, has multiple levels and a folding structure that flattens the table and allows it to be hung on the wall. In the new version the proportions and measurements have been updated, the structure in ash wood folds rapidly thanks to an innovative brass mechanism, and the color range includes mustard, fir green and brick red lacquer finishes.

Photo Credits © Amir Farzad