The Mise en Scéne of Armani/Casa

A precise aesthetic sense pervades every collection by Giorgio Armani, created by embodying his thoughts and obsessions. This is expressed through a series of dioramas that illustrate a play on themes, referencing fashion and the activation of surprising ideas into research of an absolute style. 

In a new space that has just been acquired and is set to undergo a major transformation in the months to come, a temporary exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to see a preview of the new collection and discover its secrets. Specially designed for the occasion, the striking Mise en scène on Corso Venezia highlights the central theme. The deep black of the walls and the dark grey Bedonia stone floor are a counterpoint to the full-height light panels on thin mesh printed with motifs of the collection, which create subtle divisions between environments.

The Club bar cabinet, in black straw marquetry and natural satined brass, is presented now in a limited edition of 50 numbered and signed pieces, made by hand with doors in an Ocean lacquer finish that bring to mind The Great Wave by Hokusai, while the interior is in technical pearl-gold fabric and bronze lacquer.

A perfect fusion of Armani’s fashion aesthetic and philosophy of décor, the Armani/Casa Exclusive Textiles by Rubelli collection speaks of the deep bond between fashion and furniture. The collection features textures inspired by exquisite embroideries that characterise the designer's style. Dreamy Japanese landscapes decorate the collection, based on the design of a fabric from the Rubelli archive.

Minimalism, simplicity and purity of line draw attention to the quality of materials and the elegant reduction of thickness, highlighted by new finishes; the texture becomes a hymn to matter.