Grandform, from reality to virtual reality

Pure and digital: these two key words define the recent production and strategy of Grandform, a company that has been active in the bathroom industry for twenty years. Founded as an Italian offshoot of the French SFA group, owner of the well-known Sanitrit brand, it has developed completely independently over time, presenting its own range on the market and its own designs. We recently spoke to Grandform’s CEO, Rino Ferreri, at the fair, who talked to us about the company’s development.

The Progetto Puro line “is an extension of the Grandform range, created for the total bathroom sector, adding a modular furnishing system, support surfaces and bathroom fittings to our historic products, namely shower trays and shower cabins.” The new line is aimed at the medium-high market segment and uses natural materials like slate, which has always been used for shower trays, and wood, combining them with the most technologically advanced stainless steel for the bathroom fittings and presenting them in a fully coordinated collection for a complete bathroom.

This bathroom setting can be viewed in 3D at the fair in five different versions, thanks to a virtual system with a visor that places visitors in the middle of what could be the imagined bathroom for their house. “We have been working for a year and a half on a digital marketing concept that allows us to better manage our strategy for public involvement and for the operation of our network of 800 showrooms. The online competition to decide on the name for the new multifunctional cabin confirmed that we have taken the right direction.” Using a two-step mechanism, 22,000 online voters suggested 1500 names, from which 50 were “extracted” for evaluation by the sales team. A winning name was chosen from the three finalists for the new shower cabin, White SPAce, designed by Claudio Corbella, the other new addition at the International Bathroom Exhibition. “And this is just the first step – the next will be the ability to configure the bathroom in 3D on a dedicated side, focused on creating an emotional experience, which only manages the Puro brand.”