Exalting purity in Citterio

The Masterpieces collection is made up of unique pieces; not just because they're created through a hand-made artisanal process, but because they are made through a way of creating furniture that is known and practised by few. Their uniqueness lies in their carefully-crafted preciousness, to such an extent that they cannot be repeated. The name of the collection is fitting for these works of art engraved in wood; they're furniture masterpieces where the pure classical style reaches its highest form. Citterio has continued the design direction began last year with the creation of a limited series of ten pieces featuring a cabinet and a mother-of-pearl table. This year the exposition space at the Salone del Mobile di Milano is dominated by a new table that widens the collection. At 260cm in diameter, the table boasts large dimensions and is entirely inlaid with mother-of-pearl set on a slope with marble inserts. Accompanying the table are chairs and a sideboard that feature the same style. The cabinet is back occupying centre stage flanked by matching pieces, mirrors and console tables. «Even on their own or in a modern environment, these pieces speak for themselves,» declares the company's owner Laura Citterio. Their collective and individual beauty transcends any conversation about trends or eras, returning to occupy that universal semantic category known as exclusivity. «People who turn to us are looking for quality and uniqueness in the product, – Laura explains. – This is another reason why we haven't abandoned the classical style that has always marked our company out from the crowd, even if the market is moving towards more contemporary leanings. There's been a natural clearing out of the sector and we're one of the few remaining who design high-quality classical styles. This can certainly be a distinctive factor.» The company's offerings have all been created in this stylistic key – examples are the Effy dining room with a new round table, the Original and Oxford living rooms, and the Soft circular sofa – which reaches its highest expression in their customised environments that reveal an equally exclusive way of life. Thus, the sleeping areas are transformed into a suite, where the Chic bed is accompanied by two relax areas: Maxim and Effy. The whole effect is enhanced by two corners occupied by an elegant toilet and a bathroom cabinet that become vital decorative and functional elements of the room. «This style is capable of renewing itself: today's classical is certainly not the same as ten years ago. The fabrics, colours, concept and type of furniture are all interpreted differently. In this way, the classical is also a process that relates to the time we live in».